MSA - Marcone Servicer's Association

US Health and Employee Benefits


1. Clever Health for all MSA members, Dependents and Employees

  • Smart Virtual Care™-  a lot like traditional telemedicine, but better, faster, and easier to use! Our doctors can diagnose and prescribe for most minor illnesses including cold, flu, pink eye, strep throat, UTI, prescription refills, and much more!
  • Clever RX™- discounts on over 55,000 FDA-approved medications, 40% of which cost $10 or less. Our discount pricing can beat the average insurance plan 80% of the time!
  • Bella™- ai-driven chatbot completely anonymous and available 24/7 to help with anxiety and depression.
  • Clever Connections™- connect with someone who shares a similar experience when you face difficult decisions or real-world problems.

If you do not already have a Clever Health account via MSA, please click here to submit our Clever Health Member Registration Form. This registration form is for all primary members, including any additional Clever Health profiles associated with your MSA membership / Marcone account (employees, technicians, etc.) 

All MSA dependents are also covered by Marcone & MSA as well. MSA dependents under the age of 18 can be registered within the primary Clever Health account holder's mobile-app. MSA dependents over the age of 18 can register their account by logging in with the primary account holder's information (last name, date of birth, zip code). 

Family members 18 years of age or older will then need to create their own login for the Clever Health app. Consultations for minor dependents will be requested through the adult’s login. 

Lastly, for members who download through the app store, or have issues with the QR/DL link, they can use the following numbers for set up: Group: 3001 & Member ID: 10502

Don't wait, download Clever Health today by using the MSA Clever Health QR Code!

2. Humana Dental & Vision View / Download: As an MSA Pro member, you have access to world class, group insurance benefits via Humana. Our Humana partnership offers dental & vision care with No Waiting Periods. 

MSA Humana Dental & Vision Plans Spanish

3. Kuhlmann Group: As an MSA Pro member with 5 or more employees, you have access to MSA's insurance expert, Kuhlmann Group. Kuhlmann Group will provide complimentary health insurance & HR advisory. 

There is no risk to you; only the potential to save thousands of dollars, while increasing the quality of coverage and care. 

For more information regarding our no charge healthcare & HR consultation benefit, please email or click here to submit our MSA Health Insurance Advisory survey. Once submitted, an MSA representative will reach out to coordinate an exploratory phone call with our MSA Insurance Expert, Kuhlmann Group.